It all started in the driveway

In 1989, a father surprised his young son and daughter with an adjustable-height basketball goal in their driveway. At that moment, the two children fell in love with the game of basketball. Every day the sound of a basketball bouncing could be heard in that driveway. There was blood, sweat and tears left on that driveway. Shot after shot, game after game, and after a little while, the two children got pretty good. The young son would go on to make his high school basketball team and win a State Championship. The young daughter would go on to become a high school legend in the state of Florida, scoring over 3,000 career points and leading her team to a state championship her senior year. She would also receive an athletic scholarship to play Division One basketball. One thing that the young son and daughter had learned in that driveway was how to be a winner.

As time went on, the son and daughter had both graduated from college and their playing days were over, except for maybe an occasional game of horse . They were both adults now with careers, but they never lost their love for the game of basketball. It was their love for the game that inspired them to get back on the court, well not exactly. The two decided to get back in the game by creating and starting their own sports apparel company. They both agreed to put the same work and dedication that they had on the court into their company, the same blood, sweat and tears that they had left on their old driveway. And at that moment, Merch Sports was born.

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Merch Sports takes pride in bringing premium quality products to all of its customers. We are simply merch for the sports enthusiast. It's the every day people that make the sports what it is today. They are the driving force of the sports world. They are the ones who make professional sports relevant. They are the ones who never get rid of their lucky pair of sock, or their favorite team cap. That twenty five year old faded t-shirt with their team's logo, is a staple in their dresser drawers. Merch Sports is for everyone. We make quality merch for the sports you love. We understand that a simple slogan on the front of a shirt, can be seen around the world.